Solid track, distinctive vocals. Great songwriting as well! We need more R'n'B like THIS!!” - RudeBoy Radio 808
This is excellent and most defenetely a hit”

— Teerex Radio

Love the original, and the remix is fiyah!”

— Rudeboy Radio 808

I love this track.. If Sim Streeter is making more tracks like this - Stand - then please keep me informed.”

— Electric Soul Show - United Kingdom

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Sim Streeter - Debut album, Craft maker of R&B

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Sim Streeter live at Brooklyn Music Kitchen - 3/25/23

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My name is Besinuwa Streeter. My stage name is SIM. Besinuwa is Swahili, a craft maker of children's toys, but I'm a craft maker of music. I was born in the boogie down the Bronx with a lotta flavor and style. Started singing at about 7 years old, pretending to be all the great vocalists out there, from Teddy Pendergrass to Micheal Jackson. I joined the choir for voice control and harmonies when I started middle school. My choir teacher Mrs. Judith would always have me sing the solos. I hated it, but it taught me to be confident and sure when it comes to performing at a young age. 

At the age of 18, I joined a singing group called "Casual Soul "it was 3 of us, and we were dope!!! We managed to seal a demo deal through Mona Scott at Def Jam/ Violator records. We met Russel Simons, Brandy, RayJ, LL cool J, Busta Rhymes, Boyz 2 men, and many other fantastic performers. We hooked up with Full Force and Kangol from UTFO out of Brooklyn. Recorded a couple of tracks, but nothing came of the venture. We did the David Letterman show backing up LL cool J in 1992! We did the children's choice awards ceremony in 1992! The deal eventually phased out, and I kept singing throughout my life. 

Later on, I joined a band called FUNKDADDY, and thru hard work and determination, we landed in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at all the casinos. The casino world is slightly different; you can only sing and perform top 40 material, no originals or rap. Having fun one day, I recorded myself singing "you are my starship "by Norman Conners and put it on Facebook. Surprisingly the man Norman Conners actually reached out to me!!! I performed at his show in South Jersey! It was phenomenal. I did a remake of Hall and Oates's "Sarah Smile "4 years ago and put it on YouTube. Everyone seems to enjoy it. All these beautiful situations have led me right here to KAOS Records … more to come

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